Look through some of the things I've made, remade or I'm still making.

Mr. Maker


Why bother buying something that's exactly the same as everyone else's when you can spend a few hours* making something unique for next to nothing?

If you do part with you pennies on some new gadget don't you just want to get a screwdriver to it, invalidate your warranty and find out how it's made? If you can't open it, you don't own it.

These are the thoughts of Mr. Maker.

*OK, the Log House took a bit longer.

On the bench


I've been making some motor controller circuits using components taken from scrap computers and video recorders. These are for an ongoing project but first I thought I'd test them on a robot (also made from junk), so the result is ArtBot. This robot has dual H-bridge controllers for the DC motors, 2 servos, a bumper switch and a light sensing circuit.

Experience has also taught me that easy access to the OFF button is essential when testing robots.

motor control circuit motor control circuit Click on the image for the circuit diagram.