I put this site together to learn more about XHTML, CSS, web standards and accessibility. The DTD is XHTML 1.0 Strict - which was tricky to get right at times but it forced me to learn how to do things right. All the pages have been validated to conform to the W3C.org standards.

It's all hand coded and made from the finest organic ingredients All the content is my own unless stated


Is this accessible? I say it is.


Arduino battery box
I've uploaded my Arduino battery box to instructables.com

Current Projects

ArtBot, the painting robot


This robot is made from various components I had laying around plus the odd bit of computer salvage donated by Access Space.

ArtBot wanders around, dips his brush and paints what he feels. As you can see from the paint on the wheels, ArtBot is in his blue period at the moment.

To see pictures of ArtBot at work check out this Flickr set.

Arduino with chasing LEDs


Not wanting to get left behind, I've jumped on the Arduino microcontroller bandwagon. Physical computing is really floating my boat after studying information systems this year. Anyhow, the first thing I made was a LED light chaser. Learning the C based language is not too difficult but I don't find the syntax as easy as other people say it is.

Wow, all that code just to do what a 555 timer (the greatest invention since round wheels) and a few bits from the junk box can do.
I guess I will have to learn how to make something useful like a robot with strobing eyes and plays the theme tune to Knight Rider.


Circuit diagram.  Drawn with TintCAD

After spending some time looking at open source CAD programs for designing electronic circuits I found TinyCAD and KiCAD to be the easiest to get going with. KiCAD is obviously the more commercially orientated but TinyCAD is exactly what I was looking for.

It sticks to just doing drawings but can export to circuit board layout programs and realtime simulation, if that's what you want. One of the best things I've found is the ability to quickly modify symbols and export them to your own libraries. I've used it to redraw all the circuits on this site.

Space Station

Current position of the ISS The current position of the ISS Refresh page to update image
Source: heavens-above.com

Earth images from the ISS

NASA has a service showing archive images based on the current ISS position. Find it here


Q: What is upcycling?

A Using waste product to produce a new product of greater value.

Q: Isn't that a fancy pants form of recycling?

A Precisely. Take old pants and make new fancy pants.

Q: That's just reuse, is it not?

A Not quite. Reusing the pants would be a good but fancy pants enrich the cultural landscape.